Corlan, Inc.

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About us

At Corlan, Inc. we have the highest level of regard for all of our employees: customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers, and communities. This means providing a safe, healthy, and fair workplace for our employees. We are dedicated to delivering world-class products, service and support to our customers, in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner. And in our communities, we are a company that is engaged in the civics process, respectful of the environment, and dedicated to giving back.

This statement says a lot about our culture, people come first. We are committed to the prosperity and respect of our customers, partners, shareholders, and employees. We encourage community involvement, exercising responsibility by promoting safety and environmental conservation. As a people-centered company, we strongly believe in encouraging the creativity and unlimited potential of people.

We firmly believe that our future is built on a foundation of trust. It is essential that we make efficient use of our resources to continue leading in our markets and that we take responsibility to fulfill our promises, without fail. To that end, we are firmly committed to the future success of our customers, shareholders, partners, and local communities.

Corlan is committed to your success.

     Cory C. De Brake
     President & CEO